Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

The Welcome

Sam and I would like to welcome readers to our little corner of the internet. We were originally going to start with a welcome post, but we don’t always do things in order. Besides, it’s more fun when you don’t know what’s coming next. Think of it as having your playlist on shuffle.

Now that we’ve got a couple posts published, I’d like to take a few minutes to explain what readers can expect from us on this blog.

The Truth

Not every post we publish will be a gem. Don’t get me wrong, we will be swinging for the fence with every post, but we’re still learning and may strike out a few times. It’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’ll be like watching a friend roller blade down the street and suddenly hit a stone that sends them flying to the ground.  Sure, you’ll see if they’re alright, but you’re going to have a good laugh about it.

Last week we published two fairly heavy posts. I can assure you they won’t all be like that. We plan to write some reviews, whether that’s on T.V. shows, movies, music, or just some random item we purchased that we feel everyone should know about.  We’ll publish some more “How To” pieces on just about anything so you can do it yourself. There will be some hockey talk once the cold returns and I get upset about my team losing all the time. Some posts will just be on the random thoughts bouncing around in our heads. That may sound scary to some of you who know us, but we plan to have fun with it.

The Lie

A lot of people have asked us how we came up with our name and what it means (not one person). It’s actually a pretty funny story (it isn’t). On the day I was supposed to get an enema (that escalated quickly). Sam and I were enjoying a glass of milk on his yacht, because we don’t like to drink alcohol (do I even need to say it?). This random guy in a business suit swims up to us in a way that I can only describe as a vertical doggy paddle.

Hans Gruber - Die Hard
Image property of Twentieth Century Fox. No copyright infringement intended

We let him on board and he tells us that he’s a salesman for the internet and we could do really well creating blogs (not likely with this post). At first we thought he’s an idiot, but he started sounding very legit.  Sure, he was sitting in front of us naked as his suit dried, but it looked like a nice suit.  If there is one thing we know, it’s that you can always trust a man with a nice suit (Ummm, Hans Gruber anyone?).

After a little while talking to him, Sam and I were convinced it was an awesome idea and we’d be the idiots if we didn’t buy in.  So we paid the man everything we had for our chance to be awesome on the internet. The jury is still out whether we are awesome or idiots for doing it, but that’s the origin of our name (not even close).

Lets just hope it doesn’t end up feeling like we both had enemas that day.

The Goal

Our main goal is to entertain and inform our readers. Sam and I have many ideas, and we think they are all awesome. However the idiots in us will come out in some of them (just read “The Lie” again). Along the way, our style of writing may change and adapt, but we’d love to hear feedback from the readers. Good or bad, we can take it.  Give us some tips if you can, or suggest a topic you would like us to write about. In the end, this blog isn’t about Sam or myself, it’s about the readers, and our hope is to get many of those.

Oh, and as a secondary goal, we will try to never use the word enema in a post ever again.


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