Embrace The Idiot

Embrace The Idiot

Four idiots in muscle shirts

Throughout the years Jeremy and I have come up with some pretty idiotic ideas. Some sounded more idiotic than others, but the argument could be made that embracing the idiot made them awesome.

Bacon Vodka

One such idea was to attempt to infuse bacon into vodka. How could that be anything but awesome? Turns out that when you add bacon to a bottle of vodka, you end up with a terrible bottle of vodka. Looking back, a better idea would have been to just garnish the ceasar with bacon. It would be logical to conclude that this was an idiot idea. However, we had a pretty awesome time making it.

Die Hard Day

The Idiots Empty The Keg

The best day of the year. Die Hard Day is a holiday that Jeremy and I created. Every year during the holiday season, we have all the guys out (and some women too, we don’t want to exclude anyone) and “watch” all five Die Hard movies. I put watch in quotes because really we tap a keg at 9:00 am and it’s a day of drinking, darts, and poker while the movies play in the background. It has really become one of the most awesome days of the year. This tradition started with me asking Jeremy “Hey, you want to get a case of beer and watch all the Die Hard movies?” (There were only three at the time). Seems like kind of an idiotic question. I did get a somewhat idiotic response from Jeremy, “Yep”.


Yet another idiotic thing I did (this one was all me), was the brilliant idea to hold the firework in my hand while lighting it off. I know it works with roman candles, but it is a bad idea to hold the ones with the plastic base in your hand. Actually, thinking about this one there really wasn’t anything awesome about it. Maybe everything I just said is wrong and embrace the idiot just means to find an idiot and give him a hug. He probably needs it.

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