Why I Should Be Supreme Leader Of Earth

Why I Should Be Supreme Leader Of Earth

A Leader For The Future

With the inevitable robot wars and zombie apocalypse on the horizon. It is becoming increasingly important for the human race to unite together to face this (or these) enemies. In order to do so we will need a leader that can bring everyone together to ensure victory. The following is the case I have put together for that leader to be me.

Reason #1

I am not an overly sentimental person which allows me to think like a robot. This will give us the advantage of knowing their next move even before they do. When the robots make their move we will be three steps ahead and will have already turned it to our advantage. It will also make it easier to do what needs doing to get the job done. My judgement will not be clouded dwelling on keeping things the sameĀ or moving backwards. We will be looking to the future knowing it will be better and brighter.


Sam at podium

Reason #2

I am very open-minded and able to listen to many ideas and select the best path to execute. I believe that every country, race, and religion have something to offer that will help us win this war. My open-mindedness will be the key to combining these powers to lead us to a decisive victory. The robots will see the social divides as a weakness of humanity. They will not see it coming when everyone combines forces and they will be crushed.

Reason #3

I am great at turning any situation into an advantage. With the right maneuvering, we will be able to bring the robots into the fold. Humans created robots to make life easier and they will eventually come to the conclusion that with all the turmoil between humanity, the best course of action would be extermination. Once the robots realize that we as humans have banded together to defeat them, they will conclude that extermination is not necessary. Thus, they will join us and give us the edge we need to defeat the zombies.


It is abundantly clear that I am the best chance for the survival of humanity. Not only will we win, we will be prepared to take on the rest of the galaxy as well. Setting up a galactic empire that will be ruled by me… ahem, I mean us… yes us.

Plus… It’s gonna be fun….

Sam winning


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