With the days getting shorter and winter approaching, I began thinking about the winter blues. Maybe it was the cool, dreary weather, but I began to dwell on what I had lost. I could feel my mood deteriorating. It was a new experience for me to recognize exactly what was happening. I never used to be that attentive to my feelings. Could it be from living a very complacent life?Hey, look at me, I’m growing. Sorry, back to the matter at hand. What to do about THIS situation? Rather than dwell on what I had lost, why not dwell on what I have.

What Do I have?

I began to ponder about the things I am grateful for in my life. I have the greatest children, a good job that I really enjoy, amazing family and friends. Wow… when I said it out loud, and even now as I write it down, I really do have so much to be happy about. Pretty much everything anyone could ask for. I certainly would not dare to ask for more. Gratitude for what I have plays such an important role in my happiness. But for me, it was not enough to just shrug it off and think “yeah, I know, I have a lot to be grateful for.” It was important to say it out loud and even write it down.


This got me thinking. Yes, I have come a long way in recognizing what to be grateful for in my life, but everything I have is also because of the people in my life. It’s wonderful that I can be grateful and write it down and feel good. It is more important, however, to say and show gratitude to the people in my life that have played a role in all of the things that I am grateful for. Aside from just being polite and saying please and thank you, it is important to recognize the small things that people do that are usually just taken for granted. This is an area that I know I can improve. I will always try to help someone when I can and it is always a great feeling when it is recognized and I know I have made a difference. Albeit, usually in some small way. So it goes without saying that others who do things for me, and there are a lot of them, to make my life better would appreciate the recognition as well.

The Next Step

I have been working hard on recognizing and identifying my feelings for the past while. It felt pretty good to see that it helped allow me to avoid getting into a dark place. While I am admittedly not the best at recognizing and giving my gratitude to all of the people in my life that do so much for me. It is comforting to know that as I continue to work at it, I will become better. In the spirit of that sentiment, I sincerely thank you for reading.

‘preciate ya,

Sam Thibideau

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