Hi!  My name is Jeremy Steckly.  I was born in the cold winter of 1982, and raised in a small town located in Ontario, Canada.  Although I live relatively close to Toronto, I am NOT a Leafs fan.  My wife however is a Leafs fan and it secretly disappoints me and makes me feel sorry for her.  Of course then I remember I’m a Canucks fan, and those are probably worse, so I don’t hold it against her.

Growing up I played just about every sport but my main passion was playing baseball.  Currently I play a lot of slo-pitch which is great because I like drinking beer and I’m not getting any younger.  Other hobbies include computer repairs (because I’m a sucker for punishment), playing darts, playing drums and now writing blogs.  I listen to music every opportunity I get which usually ends up with me cranking the hard rock and playing air guitar.  Some of my favorite bands include Halestorm, Shinedown, Chevelle, and the list goes on.

Nothing too interesting regarding my work experience but currently I work as a manager for a small powder coating shop.  Prior to that was just your regular, boring, pay the bills type of jobs that most can relate to.  I don’t have any degrees or other fancy schooling credits because I’m more of a hands on, teach myself kind of guy (I also hated classrooms).  I do hope I can teach some readers a thing or two though as well as keep them entertained.

In closing, I’m just an honest, regular guy who likes socializing and having a few beers.  I also think I’m pretty awesome.


Want to know more?  Follow me on Twitter @JStecks89.

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